Top 4 Life Tips

These tips are reminders of stuff we have probably all covered at some stage, in some form. Nothing new. My thoughts in writing it, is more to look at how best to integrate them are they into our lives? That is where the magic lies! When we adapt certain practices into every day living, they... Continue Reading →

What am I currently reading?

I just finished The Leader Who Had No Title - Robin Sharma. I have enjoyed Robins books and this , like his others, is very much in story-telling style, with strong characters, as he takes you on a journey of life lessons. LOTS of great take-away's, lessons and acronyms 🙂 . Have to admit, the... Continue Reading →

Who still reads paperbacks?

I finally got around to unpacking a box of books on the weekend, some that have moved with me, through numerous homes, over many many years. These books, through all the de-cluttering and minimalist stages, I couldn't bring myself to throw out or give away! I will lend most definitely, and I like to have... Continue Reading →

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